Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Ascension plan, interview with celebrities | Liu Chuande: Choosing the right brand is the beginning.

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Shenghua Ceramics, 22 years of ingenuity development, focusing on making bricks, has continuously won the recognition of the market and consumers. At the same time, Shenghua Ceramics also has a group of hard-working distributors. Today, together with Liu Chuande, general manager of Dalian Zhuanghe Store, we will review his growth in Shenghua. Why did Mr. Liu become a sublimation dealer in Dalian Zhuanghe? Let's listen to the story of Mr. Liu and Shenghua.

"Interview with celebrities | Liu Chuande"



Mr. Liu, General Manager of Zhuanghe Store

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Editor: Mr. Liu, can you talk to us about why you chose to represent the sublimation brand at that time?

Mr. Liu: Actually, before I acted as an agent for Shenghua Ceramics, I have also been in the ceramics industry for more than 20 years. There are ceramic tiles in various regions. In the past two years, the industry has started to reshuffle, the survival of the fittest, and the focus on the brand line. I think it’s time to start

Change thinking, transform and upgrade, and take the brand line.

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Mr. Liu: I have learned about the Shenghua brand in the early stage. In 19 years, I visited Foshan twice to inspect and compare ceramic brands in various aspects. In the end, I still feel that Shenghua has the deepest impression on me, whether it is corporate culture, leadership care, and policy support.

In terms of support and the marketing matrix of the headquarters, I feel that choosing Shenghua will allow me to operate boldly, confidently and without worries. When I came to Foshan for the third time, I signed the brand agent of Shenghua.


Brand advertising marketing

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Editor: What are the main operating channels currently? How do you usually maintain channels?

Mr. Liu: The current operating channels are: decoration company + designer + retail. When doing activities in ordinary times, we have invited decoration companies and designers to give us on-site training and knowledge of popular science design and decoration. At the same time

We have also formed a group of owners and regularly organized some small knowledge forums to spread our decoration knowledge to all owners and friends, and continuously improve the trust and favorability of the sublimation brand in the local area, and operate through multiple channels to expand the market.


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Integrity and service first

Editor: In the first half of the year, all industries were affected by the epidemic. How was the store operation?

Mr. Liu: The impact of the epidemic in the first half of the year is definitely there. Our market only opened in March. Basically, the market began to pick up since May. So far it is pretty good. There is a stable passenger flow every day.

Sign the bill.

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Editor: What are the best-selling products in the store, and how do you promote them on the terminal?

Mr. Liu: Currently, the best-selling products are 800×800 full-body marble tiles and 750×1500 slabs. When customers enter the store, we will first understand customer needs and make recommendations based on customer needs. Our market’s acceptance of the big board is pretty good

Yes, so our first recommendation is also large-size products, and the paving effect of the large slabs is also very high-grade, and consumers are still very satisfied. In addition, we are a 22-year-old Guangdong brand, and our strength is also very strong.

The popularity of the brand will also increase.

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Mr. Liu: In terms of promotion, we usually send at least two shopping guides to the opening community every day to promote and distribute color leaflets to penetrate and sublimate the brand culture through subtle promotion. At the same time, we also have

Announcement: For example, place advertisements on buses, platforms, street signs, etc.

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Editor: Mr. Liu, what is the future plan for the Zhuanghe Shenghua store?

Mr. Liu: The goal is definitely to make the Shenghua brand bigger and stronger locally and become a household name. Regarding the business channels, I will continue to expand, including engineering channels, and I will also increase the channels for decoration companies and designers.

Deep cooperation; in terms of advertising, I will continue to increase investment, and place advertisements on buses, platforms, and highway signs to enhance brand awareness.

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Sublimation ceramics

Zhuanghe Store


Editor: New products of slate from the headquarters have been launched one after another. Mr. Liu, do you have any thoughts on the new products of slate to share with us?

Mr. Liu: I personally look forward to the launch of new slate products at the headquarters. This is also a good time for us to occupy the market, because the slate product has also verified the strength of our sublimation brand. Not all brands have the strength.

Produce big rock slabs. My store is ready to display samples at any time. Such high-end products are displayed in the store, I believe they will be favored by the market.

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Editor: So far, what has impressed you the most as an agent of Shenghua Ceramics?

Mr. Liu: I have been acting as an agent for Shenghua Ceramics. I think one of the things that impressed me the most was that after the store was completed, the leaders of the headquarters visited the store for guidance and taught me how to operate the store and how to make the brand well.

Daily maintenance and so on. I was very moved at the time. The thought in my heart was that I must make sublimation ceramics locally, or that sentence, chose sublimation, so that I can go through the experience boldly, confidently, and without worries.

Ying, I am really grateful for sublimation!


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