Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Ascension plan, interview with celebrities | Gong Liping: Every persistence is the accumulation of .

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Fate will favor, it is because he's riding real; the opportunity will come, it is because of his strong support. His entire market has keen hole in the police force, foot solid , the product extremely open up the market, not off to find new ideas , expand wide market share. He is the sublimation of ceramics of this period Ming Star special visit to the characters Hunan Zhang home community store general manager Gong Liping.

"Interview with celebrities | Gong Liping"


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Editor: There are so many brands in the ceramic industry, what made you decide to choose Sublimation Ceramics in the end?

Mr. Gong: Choosing sublimation can be said to be fate. In fact, I have been in contact with sublimation before acting as an agent. I originally did clothing customization in Guangzhou. I used to customize work clothes for sublimation.

It is very good in terms of quality and cost performance, and it is also an old brand that has produced Guangdong bricks for many years. In addition, I wanted to create a business of my own at the time, so I finally chose to return to Zhangjiajie to act as an agent for the brand.

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Editor: In the first half of this year, various industries were affected by the epidemic. What is the overall situation of the store? What are your plans for future development?

Mr. Gong: In the first half of this year, I think the area of Zhangjiajie still has a great influence. To a certain extent, Zhangjiajie is a tourist city, affected by the general environment, it is difficult for various industries to do business, and the floating population is small.

Now, the economy will suffer somewhat, and everyone is more cautious about investing this year, so I think there must be some impact, but overall, it’s okay.

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Mr. Gong: In the second half of this year, we plan to increase investment in advertising. We must do a good job of promotion and follow the pace of the headquarters, including the display of new products in the store, and expand the local market.

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Editor: Which products are currently selling well in the terminal? How do you do brand promotion?


Mr. Gong: At present, products of 400×800, 600×1200, 750×1500 specifications are relatively popular in the terminal. Regarding the usual promotion of this part, Shenghua is a 22-year old brand, and the brand's strength is also very strong. We also

We often participate in various promotional activities in the building materials market. We are also doing advertising promotion, such as community elevators, community outdoor, community parking lots and other advertisements, including regular storefront light box advertisements.

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Editor: As far as I know, Mr. Gong, you started as an agent for sublimation at the end of 2018. Can you talk to us about store construction and operational investment?

Mr. Gong: Actually acting as a sublimation brand, in terms of operation and investment, it is also in my plan, including the early stage of building a store. Although the process of learning and progress is a bit difficult, as a novice, I have to operate in all aspects and channel management.

It's all through groping, but I thought about these so-called difficulties when I decided to act as an agent. Life has to face challenges to be fulfilled and progress.

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Editor: As far as I know, Mr. Gong, you have unique insights on product matching. Can you share with us?

Mr. Gong: In terms of product matching, I will make product matching and design drawings for customers according to their needs. The main reason is to look at the current fashion trends. Simple style is more popular with customers, such as black, white and gray products.

Products, as well as our 750×1500 continuous pattern slab background wall, customers are satisfied with it, so these products are very popular.

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Design comes from life

Editor: Regarding the rapid operation of the brand, does Mr. Gong have any experience to share with young people who are preparing to start a business?

Mr. Gong: My experience is: when you encounter something you don’t understand, ask more, do more, learn more, and solve it in time. If you want to do one thing successfully, there is no shortcut. The so-called "diligence can make up for the weakness"! In the early stage of operation, I am more

In adapting to the preferences and aesthetics of local consumers, the consumption habits and preferences of each region are different.

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Mr. Gong: In the early stage of adaptation, I constantly adjusted the new product samples in the store. Now the store has two floors. The first floor mainly displays large-scale products, such as 600×1200 and 750×1500. kind

The exhibition area between the boards has been in operation until now. It can be said that the car is familiar with the road. I am also confident that sublimation can be done locally!

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