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SH-1Y66009 600x600mm


Model number:SH-1Y66009


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1, the color is simple and elegant, the texture is real stone

Using Nordic imported pigments, select high-quality real stone dry particles, so that the product presents a texture of gray, showing the texture of real stone three-dimensionally. It mainly focuses on natural elements and fashionable element patterns, paying attention not only to texture, but also to gray scale, light sensitivity, antiskid degree, tactile sensation and other effects.

2. Dry granulation technology lasts forever

It is preferred to import international dry raw materials and press the green body with high tonnage. The green body is high in density, high in hardness and easy to clean, so that the hardness of the brick surface can be as high as Mohs hardness level 6, and various performances such as anti-skid, anti-fouling, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance of the brick surface can be improved in many ways, making the product durable and lasting.

3. Freedom of design and application

Sublimated modern antique brick adheres to the core idea of minimalism of less is more, adheres to fashion personality, and has a relaxed and free sense of space, which is easy to mix and match. It has a great degree of freedom in design and application, and does not stick to the limitations of a certain style.

4, soft light, environmental protection and caring for you

Using Italy's advanced imported soft light technology, the surface gloss of the product is suitable, which is more in line with human visual experience, reduces light pollution, reduces visual pressure, has a soft light feeling, and makes the whole home space more comfortable, thus avoiding the stimulation of human eyes by the bright light on the floor, and giving people a healthy, environmentally friendly and comfortable home experience.  

Technological features:

1. Dry grain semi-throwing

After being dried and semi-thrown, the ceramic tile not only has the rustic style of modern antique brick, but also has delicate and beautiful effect, which makes the natural feeling of ceramic tile stronger.

2. Fine-controlled inkjet

Italy precision-controlled inkjet technology is used to forge the original stone texture, and the color produced by high-temperature calcination in the furnace is purer and more realistic, more natural and more layered.

3. Mould carving

Each product adopts the mold carefully designed by the blank and the glaze carving process, and through the combination of two different processes on the concave-convex effect of the brick surface, the product shows a more realistic touch effect.

4. One stone has many faces

Italy's 8-channel code printing equipment is introduced. The products are vivid and delicate, and the texture of natural stone is deeply restored. One stone is multi-faceted and different pieces are different. The whole shop is paved and used, and the texture is natural and there is no repetition.

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