Win win cooperation and share the market

Win win cooperation and share the market

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Ascension plan, exclusive interview with celebrities | Xiao Xiaolong: One-third of the sky is doome.

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"The market in the ceramic industry is changing rapidly. Only by continuously improving our skills and looking for new opportunities, from quantity to quality, can we cope with market changes." As the saying goes, dripping water through rocks, in the ceramic market where the waves are scouring, success has always been It's not easy. In this regard, the editor of Sublimation MKT interviewed Xiao Xiaolong, general manager of Lanzhou store, and let us appreciate Mr. Xiao’s entrepreneurial style.

"Interview with celebrities | Xiao Xiaolong"


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Mr. Xiao : I was very impressed by one thing. We didn’t have a long time doing the sublimation brand in Lanzhou at that time, and the popularity might not be so high. We made an appointment with the customer to visit the Foshan headquarters. After we came back, , Directly ordered our products, and praised the strength of our headquarters, a 22-year-old brand, and the quality is indeed trustworthy!

Editor: What did you try to do before entering the ceramic industry? What was the reason for choosing sublimation?

 Mr. Xiao: Before entering the ceramics industry, I was a hardware building material. Later I felt that the ceramics industry had a good development prospect. After working with my relatives for a few years of ceramics, by chance, I came to Shenghua Ceramics headquarters and witnessed the strength of the company.

Strong, stable products, cost-effective, very in line with the local market demand, so I choose Shenghua ceramic brand.

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Editor: What are the main operating channels currently? How do you usually maintain channels?

 Mr. Xiao: The current operating channels are mainly retail + designer channels + engineering channels. In terms of channel maintenance, I worked in the hardware industry in the early stage, and I also accumulated a lot of contacts. Many times, all walks of life can exchange resources. package

Including we are now working as a designer channel, and we have cooperated with designer studios to operate in multiple channels.

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Lanzhou storefront silhouette

Editor: In the first half of the year, all industries were affected by the epidemic. How was the store operation?


 Mr. Xiao: In the first half of the year, everyone must have some influence, but in general it is okay, but we are also actively changing our marketing thinking, integrating online and offline, following the pace of the headquarters, and actively carrying out activities to make store employees active.

Shenghua Ceramics Lanzhou Store

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Editor: Mr. Xiao, what is the future plan for Lanzhou Shenghua Store?


 Mr. Xiao: For the future planning of the store, first of all, of course, I want to become bigger and stronger locally and increase brand awareness; secondly, it is to deepen the operation of the designer channel to solve the current dilemma of low retail customers in the market;

Continue to increase advertising and do more activities, including the Douyin platform currently operated by the headquarters. We are also learning and learning from the headquarters.

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Editor: What are the best-selling products in the store, and how do you promote them on the terminal?


 Mr. Xiao: At present, the most popular products in the store are 800×800 full-body marble tiles and 400×800 medium slabs, 750×1500 continuous pattern slabs, which are also not bad. Customers like to install villas. After the completion, it is still not good


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Mr. Xiao: In terms of promotion, the headquarters has launched CCTV advertisements and Fuxing high-speed rail advertisements. The brand awareness is still good. We have done Internet web advertisements in Lanzhou, showing our brand strength and engineering projects.

Examples and the development history of the brand, of course, we also do outdoor advertising: such as shopping mall advertising, community advertising and so on.

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Editor's note:Three minutes is destined, seven minutes depends on hard work, hard work will win , brand operation not only requires strategy, but more importantly, "persistence"! I believe in the leadership of Xiao total, the team will Lanzhou stores will create a brilliant future!


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